The Battery Specialist

Monbatt Ltd.was established in 1996 by Gary Larkin (Aged 21), based in his home town,
Brandrum, Co. Monaghan.

Having worked in his father’s auto electrical business and being inspired by the volume of
batteries required in the Irish market place, he decided to form his own wholesale
distribution company of automotive starter batteries.

Now 25 years later, Monbatt have become the single biggest wholesaler of batteries in
Ireland, with a market share of 35%, promoting brands such as Bosch, Fiamm and Dagenite…

Adding to Gary’s foresight, he decided to diversify 5 years ago into a full range of lubricants,
to suit all automotive requirements, from passenger vehicle, to commercial truck and all
agricultural applications.

Pioneering the sales with the approved manufacturers brand GULF
and supported by a very successful private brand LUBEX.
Now achieving sales in excess of two million liters per year and growing steadily.


  • Ireland First Generation Wholesale Battery Distributor
  • Your One Stop Shop for All Your Battery Requirements
  • With a Combined Experience of More Than Eighty Years
  • Serving the Automotive Industry Throughout Ireland for Twenty Five Years
  • Offering 100% Customer Satisfaction


” To provide our customers with the highest quality of products, supported by the highest level of service, without compromise ”